The ActiveLong-Reach Extension for your Excavator

  • Custom designed to meet your specific application.
  • Manufactured for 30,000 to 500,000 lb. class excavators.
  • 8-26 Foot length in relationship to the capacity of your machine.
  • Designed to give your current excavator more value, by giving you more reach and versatility.
  • Smaller excavators may be transported with ADD-A-STICK®installed.

    Mexico 2007

In 2007 we video taped an operation in Mexico, after finishing the install. This is a Cat 385l with a 20' stick which is digging down to 52 feet in shot rock to make a sea water evaporator for liquid natural gas brought in by ship.

Here's the videos to see what can be accomplished with an Add-A-Stick® attachment...

Add-A-Stick in Mexico
Mexico: scene 2

9 foot
Add-A-Boot extension

Komatsu 750 excavator



ADD-A-STICK® handles:

  • Ditch Digging
  • Fly Ash Loading
  • Sediment Pond Clean-up
  • E.P.A. Clean-up Work
  • Dredging
  • Demolition
  • Building & Raising Dam Heights
  • Slurry Trench Digging
  • Underwater Excavation
  • Stand Pipe Tunneling
  • And More!


Successfully installed and is an approved attachment on all major hydraulic excavators.

View some photo's with the ADD-A-STICK in use:
Add-A-Stick_on_a_John_Deere Underground_Tunneling Rip_Rap Scrap_Handler

View our videos to see Add-A-Stick® in action:

Video Presentation

Click Here

We are also the manufacturer of the
The ADD-A-BOOT® is available in lengths from 4' to 8' for
all major excavators in the 30,000 to 500,000 lb. class

Hardened Bushings
Comes complete - ready for installation
Does not require additional hydraulics

View this photo with the ADD-A-BOOT® in use:

Click here to see video

  • Manufactured with A514 Steel.
  • Easy to install.
  • 3-6 Weeks Delivery.
  • Enhances your current excavator!
  • Convert dragline rental money to an ADD-A-STICK® or ADD-A-BOOT®

    Digging Envelope

    Digging envelopes available for most excavators

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